July 25, 2022

After three years at Premier Arts Collective, Alexis Krcelic will be stepping into her next chapter of life and pursuing her life-long dream of opening a bakery (basta. bakery) in September.  Alexis was the driving force behind our re-branding from Premier Foundation to Premier Arts Collective and is responsible for developing and implementing many of our art and music therapy programs.  As Director of Events and Programs, her drive, determination and compassion was instrumental in establishing the foundation for PAC’s healing and therapeutic work.

Alexis’ devotion to helping people in need has always been a beacon in her life, and we know that passion will continue at basta.  She will be missed at PAC, but we know that wherever she is in life she will continue to shine.  A special thank you to Alexis for sharing her ideas, creativity, and passion with us and those we serve.

1. Where do you find your daily inspiration?

I find my daily inspiration by seeing the help the world needs. There is so much hurt, pain, and suffering all around, but I know I can do something about it with my life’s actions. I believe God creates people who focus on the macro aspects of life and others who focus on the micro. I have seemingly focused on the macro – dreaming about making a BIG impact in the world. However, it’s through the micro events of daily life that change and joy happens little by little. Experiencing that change and joy firsthand continues to push me to help others experience it as well.

2. You’ve visited and lived all over the world. What have you learned from those experiences that you carry with you today?

I’ve learned that there are so many ways to live your life and to experience the world. It has helped me see people as people and not as something scary or foreign simply because I may not initially understand them or their culture. Seeing the world has also given me a greater appreciation for all I have, and it reminds me that there is more out there than just my bubble.

3. You’ve served at Premier Foundation/Premier Arts Collective for over three years. What would you like your legacy to be?

The aspect of my work I am most proud of is assisting in the re-branding from Premier Foundation to Premier Arts Collective. It is not about a name change or a bright, new logo. Rather, it’s about focusing on a mission of healing and therapy that I care so deeply about. I absolutely love what we do at PAC, and to know I am one of the people who made that happen is humbling.

4. What’s next for Alexis Krcelic?

Life has a way of happening so quickly. I am opening a storefront! In my spare time, I’ve been running a vegan bakery called basta. as a way to make a difference in the world and have some therapy and healing of my own through baking. In August 2022, I will be opening a storefront in West Greenville. I couldn’t be more excited to see my childhood dream of using baking to bring more joy to people coming true.

5. Favorite Quote at the Moment?

My favorite quote, and one I have tattooed on my arm, is “Know Thyself.”- Socrates

I think one of the best things we can do for ourselves and for others we interact with is to always be in the habit of getting to know yourself everyday. Staying present with who you are, where you’re being led, and what’s in front of you is a gift that no one can take from you.

Alison Hughey

Music Therapist

Alison Hughey’s greatest passion is guiding clients in connection, comfort and communication through music. Since studying music therapy at Converse University and earning her board certification in 2010, she has served clients from 18 months of age up to 103 years old and contributed to research in community mental health and dementia care. Alison wears multiple “music hats” as a worship leader, band member, and music & wellness workshop facilitator.

Jared Emerson

Performance Artist

Jared Emerson is world renown for his captivating performance art and studio originals.  His art has raised millions of dollars for charities and ministries around the world.  Jared’s work with Premier Arts Collective allows him to use his gifts by engaging in interactive art classes and performances across the globe; using his art for healing, therapy and restoration for those who have experienced trauma and abuse.

Born in Michigan and now residing in Greenville, South Carolina, Jared’s personal mission has led him to perform and create art, in a vast array of media, for a large number of collectors, corporations, churches and charities, with his performance piece “Face of God” being the most requested.

Jared’s credits include: ReviveUs 2 with Kirk Cameron, Winter Jam concert tour, TEDx, K-LOVE, CBS Sports, Game Plan for Life, The 700 Club, Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, NASCAR, Museum of the Bible, Coca-Cola, Michelin, Land Rover, Pittsburgh Steelers, Detroit Pistons, Family Christian Stores and countless others.

Jared’s success has made his artwork sought after by many celebrities and sports figures.  His clients include: Carrie Underwood, Carson Wentz, Jack Nicklaus, Guy Fieri, Joe Gibbs, Willie Mays, Albert Pujols, Jimmy John, Forrest Lucas, Smokey Robinson and Joe Greene, to name a few.

For booking information, contact gene@premierartscollective.com 

Anita Yeh Norrie

Art Therapist

Anita Yeh Norrie (MA-Art Therapy) is passionate about creating change and improving lives through the transformative power of creating art. A life-long believer in the therapeutic and cathartic power of art, she built her career around developing programs and relationships that encourage expression, and self-realization through creativity.

While an art and design business owner, she was the vehicle of expression for her client’s vision. As an art therapist, she has created therapeutic art programs for kids, for mental health programs and non-profits, launched and operated an open art studio for a community arts center, and led hundreds of people to live a better life through their own discovery of creativity and artistic self-expression.

Anita’s current work of art is Art Power!, the non-profit she founded in 2017 where she and her team are working to change the lives of underserved kids in Cozumel, Mexico, through their therapeutic, choice-based art studio.”

When not in the art studio, you can usually find Anita contemplating her next project while exploring tasty food stands and out-of-the-way eateries, wherever she may be.

Courtney Chandler

Art Therapist

Courtney Chandler is a registered art therapist, licensed professional counselor associate, trauma-conscious yoga teacher, and founder of HeARTS for Hope Therapy in Greenville, SC. She has a decade of experience offering expressive art therapy groups in mental health facilities, schools, detention facilities, and substance use treatment centers across the country. She loves supporting adults and teens as they navigate challenges of trauma and grief, using an integrative combination of art therapy, somatic psychotherapy, and EMDR. Motivated by the belief that everyone is innately creative and art is an expression of self-love and divine connection, she uses a holistic mind-body approach in her therapeutic practice, and feels honored to hold space for hope and healing.

Samuel Monterrosa

Vocal Coach and Head of Nu-Day Academy

Samuel Monterrosa is the Director of Nu-Day Academy in San Salvador, El Salvador. He has been mentoring, coaching and advising students in music education for over 15 years. He is often asked how music helps. Samuel believes that for many children, music is opportunity. Music is the way out of a life of poverty and brokenness. Nu-Day Academy provides opportunities for youth to build their self-esteem through music.

Born and raised in San Salvador, Samuel believes all lasting achievement is rooted in developing good character and maturity through the daily exercise of personal responsibility. Samuel’s guidance at Nu-Day Academy has built an environment focusing on character skills.

Under Samuel’s leadership, Nu-Day Community Choir was formed. The choir has become a favorite to the entire country, performing on every national television station, at concerts and for the Salvadorian government. Samuel is also the baritone pillar in the youth band known throughout Latin America as One Love El Salvador.